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The single cell is the building block of all life. It is the basic unit from which complex
creatures such as human beings are built. As the foundations of all living things,
an understanding of the cell is crucial. Indeed, the study of single cells and the
biomolecular reactions that occur within them, as well as inter-cell communication,
are critical for the understanding of all living systems. Consequently, the continuing
development of new tools and methods to probe the cell and to observe and explore
biomolecular systems within the cell is vital. This challenge will require expertise and
collaborations between many scientific disciplines and countries in both academia and

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The 2nd International Workshop on Approaches to Single-Cell Analysis
at Tokyo, Japan, held on 06-07 September, 2007.

The 1st International Workshop on Approaches to Single-Cell Analysis
at Uppsala, Sweden, held on 21-22 June, 2006.