Naoi lab. is an intelligent group researching new energy storage, which is pursuing new technologies to sustain earth and preserve the legacy by electrochemistry. We have very important 3 Es, which are Electrochemistry, Environment, and Energy.

We are also researching in diverse another related ways of approaches. We think that new science should be approached very carefully, because our environment is based on delicate balance. That is why we adopt many fields such as, Energy science, Material science, Environmental science, Physical chemistry, and so on. We have a lot of projects and cooperative reserches with other laboratories and companies. We have turned out a great many brilliant and vigorous Doctors, Masters and Bachelors.

There are 6 researching teams.
 Mercury: Hybrid supercapacitor
 Venus: Energy beads based on organic-inorganic nano-composite
 Earth: Proton polymer battery
 Mars: Energy materials based on electroactive supramolecular oligomer
 Jupiter: Nano-electrochemistry to design the energy surface
 Saturn: The next-generation lithium metal battery

Naoi lab. is not only a place of research but also a place of communications and growing of young generations.

The characteristics are followings.
  aggressive and high level research
  very active internaionalized
  excellent education
  complete IT surroundings
  well equipped laboratory
  high ratio of students who go on the Ph. D course
  good team working
  respected individuality

Our policies are followings.