On-line Handwriting Database
TUAT Nakagawa Lab. HANDS-kondate-14-09-01

Necessary procedures to use the database

If you are to use the database, please read its conditions of use.

Read Application Form and Conditions of Use [PDF] 91KB

Conditions of Use

  1. When the package of the database is opened, it is assumed that the following conditions of use are accepted.
  2. The user (research labs in universities, institutes, corporations, etc.) must pay the specified license fee to use the database under the conditions specified here. The payment is not refundable after the package is opened. Use of ten writers' pattern database for research purpose is made available without any fee. Please consult http://web.tuat.ac.jp/~nakagawa/database/en/kondate_about.shtml.
  3. The user can make copies of this database, but the user must keep all the copies within the user's administrative organization. The user is neither allowed to distribute the database or a copy of it to third parties nor to use it outside the user's administrative organization.
  4. If the user belongs to an academic organization aiming to enhance the public interests, the user can purchase the database at the academic price. In this case, however, the user can utilize it for educational or research purposes only. It cannot be used for commercial purposes whatsoever. However, if the result of the research, such as development, training or evaluation of recognition systems, has reached a commercial level, the user or the authorized business agent can switch to the following (commercial) condition by purchasing the database again at the full price.
  5. When the user purchases the database at the full price, the user can utilize the database for commercial purposes and sell products on the basis of this database, provided that these products don't contain the database in any form accessible by third parties. By no means is the user allowed to distribute or sell the database or parts thereof, neither in the original nor in a modified form, to those who do or are able to perform research and development in handwriting recognition and applications technology.
  6. When the user purchases this database at the academic price and presents results derived directly or indirectly by utilizing the database, the user should appropriately acknowledge the usage of the database. The user should clarify how the database is used for learning, evaluation, or whatsoever, in a form that third parties can reproduce or verify; in particular, the user should indicate the sets used for learning and evaluation.
  7. When the user purchases the database at the full price and presents results derived directly or indirectly by utilizing the database, the user is not obliged but advised to acknowledge the usage of the database.
  8. When this database is mentioned, it should be referred to as "TUAT Nakagawa Lab. kondate-14- 09-01", or "kondate-14- 09-01" in short form.
  9. Nakagawa lab., TUAT, declines the responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental and/or accidental damage caused by the use of this database and accompanying software.
  10. The user must destroy the database and all the copies if the user violates the conditions of use.
  11. In any other case not specified in the present conditions of use, the user must follow the copyright rule [houritsu] under the knowledge propriety right to use this database.
* This database is presented by the licenser Masaki Nakagawa at Nakagawa Lab., TUAT and made available from ILABO CO.,LTD and TUAT Univ. CO-OP.

【License fee for using the database】
Academic price : free
Normal (full) price (JPY) : 500,000
[The destination]
Department of Computer and Information Sciences,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
Naka-cho 2-24-16, Koganei, Tokyo, 184-8588, Japan
Nakagawa Lab.

If you have questions, please send to nakagawa (at) cc.tuat.ac.jp

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