Concerning the On-line Handwriting Database
TUAT Nakagawa Lab. HANDS-kuchibue_d-97-06

The on-line handwriting database TUAT Nakagawa Lab. HANDS-kuchibue_d-97-06(hereafter, this database) is collected by Nakagawa Lab., Tokyo University of Agri. & Tech. (TUAT). This database consists of on-line handwritten character patterns from 120 writers for a sample text excerpted from Japanese newspapers, covering Japanese Kanji and Kana characters, Latin/numeric characters, and other symbols.

This database is composed of 120 sets of character patterns for the common sample text. Each set stores character patterns written by a single writer and contains 11,962 patterns for 3356 character categories (JIS 1st set Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, English alphabets, numerals, symbols, etc.).

The environment that this database is accessed needs to support a Japanese character code system and font. Please note that all the manuals are written in Japanese at the moment and we cannot respond to each request to translate them. We hope that you can ask someone in your group who can read Japanese.

Any question and application to purchase the database should be sent to Prof. Nakagawa (