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Introduction of Laboratory ( Mathematics / Language )


Research Field: [Mathematics] Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Variety/Singular Points/Ramification

Analyse the arithmetic and geometric structure via singularities

Every conic section, i.e. ellipse, parabola or hyperbola, is a plane curve defined by a quadratic equation. The geometric object defined by some algebraic equations is called algebraic variety. Sometimes the defining equations may have multiple roots and these cause singular locus on the variety.
We study the relation between the global structre of the variety and the singular locus including its very infinitely near structure.

MAEDA Hironobu Associate Professor
MAEDA Hironobu


Research Field: [Mathematics] Representation theory

quantum group  symmetry  matrices

Analyze symmetries via matrices

Representation theory is the field of mathematics in which symmetries are studied by representing them in forms of matrices.
In Naoi LAB, we study the mysterious symmetries called "quantum groups" in the view of representation theory.

NAOI Katsuyuki Senior Assistant Professor
NAOI Katsuyuki


Research Field: [Mathematics]


Senior Assistant Professor
KINJO Kensaku