Leading Program Course "Green Clean Food Production Advancement I"

Flyer (PDF)

Leading graduate program offer our course: "Green Clean Food Production Advancement (I)" to TUAT all members.This is precious opportunity for you to join the lectures by the researchers who are active on the front line of each field. Lecturers will talk about
(1)the latest research and
(2)how to approach the global issues related to "Green and Clean Food Production"
Participants can deepen the understandings of each research field through the discussion with the lecturers and classmates.

For more details please refer to the attached PDF or send the email to the contact person.Don't miss this chance!

* The lectures are co-hosted with other programs.
* It would be appreciated if you can send the email to [ ykichijo(at mark)cc.tuat.ac.jp ] in advance.


Leading Graduate School Program
Assoc. Prof. Yoko Ichijo
Mail:ykichijo(at mark)cc.tuat.ac.jp