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  • 2005/04/04 Updated the Achievements
  • 2004/10/04 Updated the Achievements
  • 2003/08/21 Number of sketches in Sato gallery amounts to 612.
  • 2003/08/05 Sato Gallery has been updated with sketches of Spain
    (Madrid, La Granja, Cordova, and Segovia)
  • 2003/03/06 Biennial Report 01-02 has been published.
  • 2003/03/03 Prof. Theo Rasing visited our laboratory, together with Elena Mishina anddiscussed on our nonlinear magneto-optical effect of artificial anno structures.
  • 2003/02/27 Prof. Sato gave a lecture titled "Damascene fabrication of magnetic nano structures and MFM observation" at Magnetic Nano Imaging Symposium held at Akita Univ.
  • 2003/02/21 Presentation of papers by undergraduate students for partial fulfilment for graduation
    H.IwasakiGrowth and characterizations of Bi-based HiTc superconductors
    J.JogoMBE growth of magnetic semiconductors.
    A.MizusawaFabrication of magnetic films by MOD technique
    T.TezukaFabrication and characterization of magnetic nano structures
    KuangDevelopment of magnetooptical imaging device.
  • 2003.02.19 Number of hits of this web site exeeds 100,000.
  • 2003/02/18 Presentaion of Master course students (Electrical and electronics Department)
    K.InagakiFabrication and characterization of Bi-based High temperature Supercondutors
    M.TsurugaCharacterization of magnetic nano structures fabricated by Damascene technique
    K.Tsujimoto"Development of computer software for magnetooptical spectroscopy"
  • 2003/02/15 Prof. K.Sato presented a plenary talk on "Nonlinear Magneto-optical Studies in Magnetic Superlattices and Nano Structures" at the 1st International Conference on Quantum Photonic Science held in Hanyang University (Seoul, Korea).
  • 2003/02/12 Two papers of master-cource students of Applied Physics were presented as follows:
    M.HosobaMagneto-optical characterization of perpendicular recording materials
    T.MatsumotoFabrication of permalloy nano structures and its characterization
  • 2003/01/31 Dr. Leonid Kulyuk from Moldova visited us with Dr. Elena Mishina (who stays at Saitama Univ. as a research fellow) and discussed on nonlinear magneto-optical effects.
  • 2002/11/27 We hosted Dr. Schwab from CNRS and gave a lecture on "Novel EPR technique".
  • 2002/10/13-18 Prof. Sato and Dr. Ishibashi participated ICTMC13 held in Paris. Prof. Sato served himself as a Session Chair of the first Session of Oct. 14 and gave an Invited Talk titled "Novel Mn-doped Chalcopyrites". He also made a presentation at Banquest on March 17 titled "Sato Gallery Collection: Paris and Dourdan" using projector.
  • 2002/10/02 Two projects from TUAT were selected as "21st century COE Program" of Ministry of Education. Sato laboratory contributes as a member of the project named "Future Nano Materials"
  • 2002/09/27 Two sketches of Niigata city are uploaded.
  • 2002/09/17 The 26th annual conference of magnetism in Japan was held in TUAT, with Prof. Sato as a chairman.
  • 2002/08/06 Sketches of Nagano city are uploaded.
  • 2002/06/03 Number of hits of this web site exeeds 80,000 hits.
  • 2002/05/13 Sketches of Benodet and Quimper (Brittany, France), where the MORIS2002 was hold are uploaded
  • 2002/04/19 The laboratory moved. Campus map is renewed.
    (PDF download)
  • 2002/01/07 Campus mapis revised.
  • 2001/12/19 Number of hits of this web site exeeds 70,000.
  • 2001/11/19 Sato gallery is introduced in Web site of le Creusot city.
  • 2001/11/12 Lecture Prints on STEP Program "Optical Storage" began uploaded.
  • 2001/07/28 OHP sheets which were presented at Internatinal Summer Seminar on Crystal Growth (Shiga, July 24-29, 2001) in the lecture Crystal Growth and Characterization of Magnetic Semiconductors" are pasted
    You can also find OHPs presented at the tutorial lecture "Introduction to Magneto-Optics" for Int Symp. Optical Memory (ISOM2000) held at Chitose, Hokkaido on Sept. 5, 2000
  • 2001/07/14 Number of hits of this web site exeeds 60,000.
  • 2001/06/22 list of original papers is revised.
  • 2001/5/18 Eight sketches of Taipei during stay for ISPMM are pasted.
  • 2001/5/10 Biennial Report (1999/2000) of Sato-Morishita Laboratory is published.
  • 2000/11/30 Personal Exhibition of Prof.K.Sato is scheduled
  • 2000/09/22 Sato Lab News started.
  • 2000/05/17 Sketches of Dourdan are pasted.
  • 2000/02/17 Sketches of Alsace, Paris and San Diego have been increased.
  • 2000/01/19 List of papers is revised. (Rearranged from new to old)
  • 2000/01/06 Sketches of Japan appear!
  • 1999/07/09 Sketches of Cardiff (Wales) appear!
  • 1999/02/01 Sato Gallery (English Version) is revised!
    Index of cities and countries is available.
  • 1998/6/08 Home Page of MORIS99 Program Committee opens.
  • 1998/5/22 English page style is revised!
  • 1998/5/18 Sato gallery is refreshed with Oil Painting of Brugge.
  • 1998/4/1Sato lab moved to a new department "Department of Applied Physics" (Quantum Fuctions).
  • Revised on June 8, 1998

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