Anisotropic magnetization-induced second harmonic generation in Fe/Au superlattices

K. Sato, A. Kodama, M. Miyamoto, A. V. Petukhov, K. Takanashi, S. Mitani, H. Fujimori, A. Kirilyuk and Th. Rasing

Physical Review B, 64, 184427-1 - 10 (2001)

The anisotropic nonlinear magneto-optical response from Fe/Au(001) superlattices is studied. Perfect single-crystalline order through the whole thickness of the multilayer is observed. The magneto-optical signals are measured in both the longitudinal and transversal configurations. A strong fourfold anisotropy of nonlinear Kerr rotation angle is demonstrated, in addition to the anisotropic second harmonic intensity changes. The results are described in terms of a simple phenomenological model, that involve both dipole and quadrupole nonlinear-optical interactions. Furthermore, general, model-independent symmetry properties of the nonlinear magneto-optical response are established. KEY WORDS: Fe/Au superlattice, nonlinear magneto-optical effect, magnetic second harmonic generation

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