[Equipments and Fascillities Available]

(1) Fascilities for Bulk Crystal Growth
Two-zone Furnace for Chemical Vapor Transport
Vertical Bridgman Furnace
Annealing Furnace

(2) Fascilities for Thin Film Growth

  • MBE (molecular beam epitaxy) apparatus with QMS, RHEED for groth of HTSC films such as BSCCO.
  • MOMBE (metal-organic molecular beam epitaxy) apparatus for CdGeP2:Mn films for spinelectronics.
  • RF magnetron sputtering apparatus for feromagnetic metals and some oxides

  • (3) Microelectronics Fabrication Technology (Common Apparatus)
  • Electron beam lithography
  • Focused Ion Beam
  • (4) Characterization
  • Optical microscope with Nomarski differential interference attachments
  • DC resistivity measurement instruments
  • Spectrometer for Magneto-optical Kerr effect and Faraday effect (rotation and ellipticity) for wide wavelengths (190-1000 nm)
  • Photoluminescence spectrum measurement instruments.
    -Light sources: pulsed N2 with dye laser attachment, He-Cd laser (325 nm 10 mW), Ar-ion laser (1W), LD-excited SHG laser, Ti-Sapphire laer, CW-YAG, Xe-lamps, Hg-lamps
    -Monochromator: 50 cm--CT50 (1200 G/mm, blaze=500 nm), 25 cm--CT25A (600 G/mm blaze=1600 nm and 1200 G/cm blaze=750 nm), CT25C (600 G/mm blaze=1600 nm and 1200 G/cm blaze=750 nm) , CT25CD (1200 G/mm blaze=200 nm), Nikon P-250 (300 G/mm blaze=3000 nm, 600 G/mm blaze=1600 nm, 1200 G/mm blaze=750 nm)
    -Detectors: Photomultiplier R928 (multi-alkaline), R633 (GaAs cathode), R2658(InGaAs cathode), liquid nitrogen-cooled Ge detector (North Coast 817L), Liquid nitrogen-cooled InSb/CdHgTe detector (Infrared Associates)
    -Cryostat: Oxford flow type CF 1104, He-refrigerator type
  • SNOM/AFM/MFM (scanning near-field optical microscpe/atomic force microscope)
  • High vacuum STM/AFM (JEOL)
  • ESR (X band) JEOL JES-RE2X with optical windows
  • Optical Setups for nonlinear magneto-optical effect
    -LD-pumped CW-SHG Green laser (Coherent Type-VERDI-S), Mode-locked Ti-Sapphire laser (Coherent MIRA)
    -Rotating Stages, rotating analyzer, Berek compensator, magnet (in plane 3kOe)
    -photomultiplier, photon counter (SRC 400)
  • VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer)(Toei-Kogyo)

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