Prof K. Sato'sPV Power Plant

[Prof. Katsuaki Sato and His PV House]

PV modules with 3 kW output power are installed on the roof of Prof. K. Sato's house which is situated in Kawasaki city, a suburban area of Tokyo. The PV power plant is connected to the utility grids of Tokyo Electric Power Company.
The data of generated and consumed electricity has been recorded every 10 minutes on the computer connected to the inverter since March 1994.
The details of the statistical data of the PV station is available.
Total of the generated power since 1994 exceeded 9600kWh, and total of the power transitted to the grid amounted more than 4000kWh.
Also refer to an article in Crystal Letters No.4, pp.5-11 (written in Japanese.)

Photo by Sankei-Shimbun Newspaper

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