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I am Prof. Katsuaki Sato, a representative of the section of "quantum functional engineering" in the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
I am going to introduce myself and my laboratory in the following.

This laboratory was established in 1984, when I moved to this position from the Broadcasting Science Laboratories of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). Since then we have been working on two major themes:
(1) Crystal growth and optical and ESR characterization of semiconductors, particularly multinary compound semiconductors, and (2) magnetooptical spectroscopy of magnetic material including magnetic multilayers and magnetic nanostructures.(3)MBE growth of Bi-based high-Tc superconducting films and device application

In 1995, Dr. Yoshitaka Morishita and Dr. Takayuki Ishibashi joined our section as an associate professor and assistant professor, respectively. Sato lab. and Morishita lab. cooperate each other for researches.

Our laboratory has recently been equipped with various apparatus for growth of thin films, such as ICB, HWE, MBE and magnetron sputtering machines, which expanded our research objectives to cover high temperature superconductors and semiconductor/magnetic material hybrids. Also we started challenges to novel magneto-optical techniques, i.e., near-field magneto-optical microscope and non-linear magneto-optical effect.

For further details please refer to the Achievements and the Research Themes included in this home page.

We can send recent Biennial Report 97/98 of Sato-Morishita Lab. on your request.
Also refer to Equipments and Fascillities Available for our fascilities.

To visit please refer to a Map of our Koganei Campus and the guide from Higashi-Koganei Station of JR Chuo line.

[Prof. Sato and his Photovoltaic House]

Prof. Sato lives in the suburbs of Tokyo. His home building is equipped with PV panels with maximum output power of 3 kW, which is connected to the utility power supply grid.
Since the culmination of the house on March 1994, his PV module (multicrystalline Si solar cells) has generated total of 7000 kWh and supplied total of 3500 kWh to the grid. For details refer to Crystal Letters No. 4 (1996) pp. 5-11, published by Crystal Research Division of JSAP.(written in Japanese)

[Prof. Sato and Drawing]

Prof. Sato is an artist. He draws oil color paintings as well as quick sketches with hydric color.
Why d'ont you have a slight glance at Prof Sato's Gallery in this Home Page.
He is affiliated a professional artists' society "Nihon-gafu". He is one of the councilors of the society. He has hold his personal exhibition in Ginza nine times from 1974 to 1992. His name is included in Bijutu-Nenkan which is a book of evaluation of professional artists, published by Bijutushuppansha,


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