Sato Lab's News
2006/08/25 update

  1. 2006.08.25 ICM2006 was held in Kyoto International Conference Center and We presented three papers.
    DateNumberAuthorsPaper Title
    2006.8.21PSMo-I-384K. Sato, K. Machida, T. Yamamoto, T. Ishibashi and T. YamaokaMagnetic Characterization of Regularly Aligned Y-Shaped Permalloy Arrays
    2006.8.22PSTu-H-323K. Minami, A. Bouravleuv, Y. Sato, T. Ishibashi, S. Mitani, K.Takanashi and K. SatoMagnetic Properties of MnP Thin Films; Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy; Int. Conf. Magnetism 2006
    2006.8.22PSTu-L-480Y. Sato, T. Ishibashi, K. Obara, S. Ichida, Y. Morishita and K. SatoFabrication of High Quality Ni1-xPtx Films for Use of High Sensitivity Temperature Sensor
  2. 2006.06.07 MORIS2006 Workshop held at Tomiura Royal Hotel in Tomiura, Chiba and one paper is presented.
    T.Ishibashi et al.:"Real Time Magneto-Optical Imaging Using Liquid Crystal Modulator"(Poster).
  3. 2006.05.10 Prof. Sato donated two oil color paintings to Health Care Center. Photo
  4. 2006.05.08 Prof. Sato was awarded the Gratitude Letter from President Kobatake. Photo
  5. 2006.03.22-26 We presented three papers at JSAP Spring Meeting.
    2006.3.2222aG-1T.Yamamoto, K. Machida, T. Yamaoka, T. Ishibashi, Y. Morishita and K. SatoPreparation and magnetic chracterization of regularly aligned Y-shaped Ni80Fe20 structure fabricated by Damascene technique
    2006.3.2222a-ZM-3K. Minami, Alexei Bouravleuv, Y. Sato, T. Ishibashi. S. Mitani and K. SatoMBE growth and characterization of MnP on the GaAs substrates
    2006.3.2424p-H-8S. Yufune, T. Kawata, T. Ishibashi. M. Oda, T. Tani, Y. Iimura, Y. Konishi, K. Akahane, K. Sato Development of Magneto-optical microscope for observation of vortex.
    2006.3.2424p-H-9T. Ishibashi, S. Yufune, T. Kawata, M. Oda, T.Tani, Y. Iimura, K. Konishi, K. Akahane and K. SatoObservation of magnetic flux penetration in Nb anti-dot pattern by using a magneto-optical microscope with circular polarization modulation
  6. 2006.03.17 Prof. Sato presented a lecture on introduction of e-learning to graduate student education at E-learning Symposium held at TUAT.
  7. 2006.03.07-10 WE presented three papers at ICTMC15(Kyoto).
    DateNumberAuthorsPaper Title
    2006.3.7Tue-P-29AK. Minami, A. D. Bouravleuv, Y. Sato, T. Ishibashi and N. KuwanoMBE growth and TEM analyses in Mn-Ge-P compounds
    2006.3.8Wed-P-41AN. Shimidzu, T. Nagatsuka, N. Ishii, N. Kinoshita and K. SatoStreak Camera Observation of the Crystallization on Multinary Compounds
    2006.3.9Thu-O-11BA. D. Bouravleuv, K. Minami, T. Ishibashi and K. SatoSelf-assembled nanowhiskers growm by MBE on InP(001) surface
  8. 2006.02.10-4.28 Sketch Exhibition of Prof. Sato is held between February 10-16 at Textile and Fiber Museum of TUAT.
  9. 2006.02.09 Three papers were presented at Final Presentation for Master Degree Exams.
    T.NagatsukaDynamical observation of crystallization process in SbTe-based phase change recording materials
    S. YufuneFlux observation in superconductors using magneto-optical effect
    T. YamamotoPreparation and magnetic chracterization of regularly aligned Y-shaped Ni80Fe20 structure fabricated by Damascene technique
  10. 2006.02.03 Mr. K. Machida and Mr. K. Minami passed final exams for doctoral degree presentation.
    K. MinamiMBE growth and characterization of multinary magnetic thin films
    K. MachidaPreparation and theoretical analyses of magnetic nano structures
  11. 2005.12.10 TUAT-UEC Joint COE Symposium was held at TUAT.
  12. 2005.12.08 Prof. Sato gave an introductory talk on magnetism at Spin-electronics Seminar.
  13. 2005.12.03 2005 OB Meeting of Sato Lab was held with 40 participants.
  14. 2005.11.25-26 Colloquim on Multinary Compounds was held at TUAT with Prof. Sato as chairman.
  15. 2005.11.13 Prof. Sato joined in the panel discussion as a paneler of "Learning sustainable society in Edo".
  16. 2005.9.11-15 Dr. Ishibahi presented a paper at EUCAS7 held in Vienna, Austria.
  17. 2005.08.24-27 Prof. Sato was invited to the ISAMT/SOMMA2005 Conference in Taipaei and gave a lecture titled "MFM observation of spin structures in nano magnetic dot arrays fabricated by Damascene technique".
  18. 2005.05.01 Prof. Sato is nominated as the Vice President (in charge of students' matter) of TUAT
  19. 2005.02.23 The University Council of TUAT elected Prof. K.Sato as a new vice president from May 1, 2005.
  20. 2004.10.03-09 Applied Superconductivity Conference 2004 (ASC2004) is held at Jacksonville (USA) and Sato lab. present 2 papers.
  21. 2004.09.27-10.01 14th Int. Conf. Ternary and Multinary Compounds (ICTMC14)がDenver was held at Denver and Sato lab. presented three papers.
  22. 2004.09.21-24 Sato lab. presented 4 papers at the 28th Annual Conference of MSJ held in Okinawa Convention Center.
  23. 2004.09.12-13 Sato lab. held a summer school at Tateyama (Chiba Pref.). Prof. Sato gave a lecture on "Recent Trends in Electronics".
  24. 2004.09.01-04 Sato lab. presented 6 papers at Fall Meeting of JSAP held at Tohoku Gakuin University (Sendai).
  25. 2004.08.22-27 Mr. Minami, a PhD student, presented a paper titled "RHEED observation of the growth of chalcopyrite-type MnGeP2 on GaAs" in ICMBE2004 held at Edinburgh, UK.
  26. 2004.08.25-27 NCCG34 is organized in TUAT by Prof. Sato as Steering Committe Chair with 334 participants. Sato lab. presented 5 papers at the Meeting.
  27. 2004.08.08-13 Sato lab. presented 3 papers at ICCG14/ICVGE12 conference held at Alps Congres in Grenoble, France.
  28. 2004.07.21-23 Prof. Ishibashi presented a paper on growth of MnGeP2 at PASPSIII held at Santa Babara, USA.
  29. 2004.05.17-19 Sato lab. presented two papers at MORIS2004 held in Yokohama.
  30. 2004.04.23 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B)(2) titled "Observation and manupulation of vortices in HTSC nano structures.(Representative researcher: Dr. Ishibashi) started.
  31. 2004.04.01 TUAT is reformed as National University Agency from 2004 FY.
  32. 2004.03.27-31 Sato lab. presented 5 papers at the Spring Meeting of JSAP held at Tokyo Engineering University.
  33. 2004.03.10 Prof. Sato was elected as one of the members of the University Council at the Professors' Meeting.
  34. 2003.11.25-27 Sato/Morishita lab. presented two papers at International Workshop on Nano-scale Magnetoelectronics held at Nagoya University.
  35. 2003.11.22 2003 OB Party was held and 30 people joined.
  36. 2003.11.11-12 Dr. Ishibashi joined JST-CREST The first NANOFAB Workshop and presented a paper titled "Nano-fabrication of BiSrCaCuO by Molecular Beam Epitaxy".
  37. 2003.9.25-26 Sato lab. held a Gasshuku meeting in Izu where lecture of Prof. Sato on Magneto-Optics was given.
  38. 2003.9.17 Prof. Sato was given Achievement Award of MSJ (2003) at the MSJ Meeting.
  39. 2003.9.16-19 Sato lab. published 3 papers at Anual Conference of MSJ .
  40. 2003.9.14 Dr. Ishibashi presented two presentations at EUCAS2003 held in Italy.
  41. 2003.9.9 Ms. Aiko Mizusawa returned from Poland finishing two-months internship.
  42. 2003.8.30-9.2 Sato lab. presented 3 papers at JSAP Meeting held at Fukuoka University.
  43. 2003.7.30-8.1 Sato lab. presented 3 papers at NCCG33 held at Osaka University.
  44. 2003.7.20-7.28 Prof. Sato and Dr. Ishibashi participated ICFMS18 held in Madrid, Spain and published two papers.
    album and Sketch.
  45. 2003.04.16 Prof. Sato has been awarded for "JJAP Editorial Contribution" from Japan Society of Applied Physics. Photo of the Award.
  46. 2003.04.07 Dr. Valery Mikhailovich Smirnov joined as a Post-Doc researcher under 21st COE Program.
  47. 2003.04.01 Three PhD students joined our lab.
  48. 2003.03.27 Sato lab. published 4 papers at JSAP Spring Meeting
  49. 2003.03.24 "COE Symposium on Chalcopyrite Based Magnetic Semiconductor and Point Defect" was hold at TUAT inviting Dr. C. Schwab(France), Dr. G. Vorozubova(Russia), Prof. W. Gehlhoff(Germany).
  50. 2003.03.20-22 Prof. Sato presented two papers at "1st International Symposium on Point Defect and Nonstoichiometry"(ISPN2003) held at Sendai.
  51. 2003.03.06 Biennial Report 01-02 of our lab. is published.
  52. 2003.03.03 Prof. Theo Rasing (RIM, Nijmegen Univ.) and Prof. Elena Mishina(Saitama Univ.) visited our lab. and discussed on nonlinear magneto-optics.
  53. 2003.02.15 Prof. Sato visited Hanyang University by an invitation of Prof. Young Pak Lee and participated in the 1st International Conference on Quantum Photonic Science to give a Plenary Talk "Nonlinear Magneto-optical Studies in Magnetic Superlattices and Nano Structures"
  54. 2003.01.31 Prof. Leonid Kulyuk(Moldova) and Prof.Elena Mishina(Saitama Univ) visited our lab. and discussed on nonlinear magneto-optics.
  55. 2002.11.30 OB party was held at a restaurant "Uonohana" in Shinjuku.
  56. 2002.11.27 Dr. Schwab (CNRS, France) visited our laboratory, and gave a lecture on EPR.CTMC13 Conference. Prof. Sato gave an invited talk titled "Novel Mn-doped Chalcopyrites". He also presented a lecture titled "Sato Gallery Collection: Paris and Dourdan" at Banquet held on Oct 17.
  57. 2002.10.02 The research program of"Future Nano Materials" of TUAT was selected as one of the "!st Century COE Program from Ministry of Education and Science
  58. 2002.09.24-27 Sato Lab published six papers at 63th Annual Conference of JSAP in Niigata.
  59. 2002.09.20 The 26th Annual Conference of Magnetism in Japan was closed in success with total of 904 participants.
  60. 2002.09.17 The 26th Annual Conference of Magnetism in Japan started in Koganei Campus of TUAT, with Prof. K. Sato as a chairman, Prof. Y. Morishita as a vice chairman and Dr. T. Ishibashi as General secretary. Sato Lab published 5 papers.
  61. 2002.09.06 We host Sunmi Kim, Unju Lim from Sogan Univ. of Korea.
  62. 2002.08.04 Sato Lab hold Summer Gasshuku Seminar in Tateyama, Chiba.(At beach, BBQ party 1, BBQ party 2Fireworks 1Fireworks 2
  63. 2002.07.25 Prof. Sato give a special lecture at Graduate School of Toyohashi Univ. of Technology.
  64. 2002.07.11 Prof. Sato gave a Lecture on "crystal lattice and electronic structure" at Crystal Engineering Seminar of JSAP.(Text in Japanese PDF down load to click here.)
  65. 2002.06.12-14 Prof. Sato gave a special lecture at Graduate School of Osaka University on "Recent Advances in Magneto-optics".(Viewgraphs (in Japanese))
  66. 2002.05.31 Prof. Sato gave a Summary Talk on MORIS2002 at the High Speed MO Reserach Group Meeting of IEC.
  67. 2002.05.29-30 Prof. Sato gave a special lecture at Graduate School of Niigata Univ. on "Light, Magntism and Electronics".
  68. 2002.05.07 MORIS2002 was held at Benodet, Brittany. Prof. Sato presented two papers(K. Sato and T. Ishibashi: Magneto-optical and Reflectivity Studies in SrTiO3、K. Sato, M. Hosoba, S. Shimizu, K. Terayama and M. Futamoto: Magneto-optical Spectra of Single Crystalline CoCrPt Films between 1.2 and 6 eV) at the conference. He also acted as a Steering Committee co-chair and an associate editor of the proceedings.
  69. 2002.04.17 Sato Lab. moved to 5th floor of No.4 Building.
  70. 2002.03.25 Five graduate students got Master Degree, and 7 undergraduate students got Bachelor Degree.
  71. 2002.03.11 Prof. Sato joined a NEDO forum and commented on the connection between fundamental and applied physics.
  72. 2002.03.01 At Graduation Presentation of Department of Applied Physics, 7 students presented reports on their Graduation Thesis.
  73. 2002.02.22 Prof. Sato was invited to "State of Art Forum" of METI and talked on Spin-electronics. Lecture viewgraphs.
  74. 2002.02.20 Two students of Electronics course made presentations on their Master Thesis.
  75. 2002.02.18 Five students was determined to be affiliated with our lab in 2002 FY.
  76. 2002.02.13 Three students of Applied Physics course made presentations on their master thesis.
  77. 2002.02.09 Prof. Sato was elected as a coucilor of TUAT for next FY.
  78. 2002.02.08 Prof. Sato gave lecture at 123th MSJ research Meeting on "Perspective of magnetic devices and magnetic MEMS for communication use". PDF file Text (in Japanese)Lecture viewgraph
  79. 2002.01.18 Prof. Sato gave lecture at 122nd MSJ research Meeting on "Magnetism and domain physics of 3d transition metal/noble metal magnetic recording materials". PDF Text fileLecture viewgraph
  80. 2001.12.01 OB Meeting of 2001 FYwas held with 17 OBs.
  81. 2001.11.19 Dr. G.A. Medvedkin returned home (st. Petersberg) finishing the two year period of JSPS research.
  82. 2001.11.12 Paper on MSHG of Fe/Au superlattice(K. Sato, A. Kodama, M. Miyamoto, A.V. Petukhov, K. Takanashi, S. Mitani, H. Fujimori, A. Kirilyuk and Th. Rasing: Anisotropic Magnetisation-Induced Second Harmonic in Fe/Au Superlattices; Phys. Rev. B64 (2001) 184427-1~10.)was published(PDF )
  83. 2001.11.9 Sato lab. had a party commemorating Dr. Gennadiy Medvedkin's departure
  84. 2001.11.1 Revised Edition of Hikari to Jiki (Light and Magnetism) is published on Nov. 1.
  85. 2001.9.30-10.5 Prof. Sato was invited to International Conference on Functional Materials at Cremea, Ukraine and gave a keynote talk on Recent Advances in Magneto-Optics.
  86. 2001.9.26 A paper "K. Sato, G.A. Medvedkin, T. Ishibashi, T.Nishi, R. Misawa, K. Yonemitsu, K.Hirose: MMagnetic properties of Mn-CdGeP2 quarternary system; JMSJ. 25 [4-2] (2001) 735-738 was awarded from MSJ