Change of Optical Absorption by Metal Contact in Al-CuAlS2-Au-Au Diode

T. Nishi, N. Ishibashi, N. Hayashi, C. Furuhashi and K. Sato
Proc. ICTMC12; Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 39 Suppl. 39-1 (2000) to be published


Planer type Schottky-type diodes were prepared using CuAlS2 single crystal with evaporated metal contacts of Al and Au. Prior to evaporation the crystals were mirror-polished and etched in HF for 30s. Optical absorption spectra were changed by application of the electrical field to the Al-CuAlS2-Au diode.

Key words:

CuAlS2, Schottky diode, electrically induced change of absorption