Electrically Induced Optical Absorption in Al-CuAlS2-Au Diode

N. Ishibashi, T. Nishi, N. Hayashi, C. Furuhashi and K. Sato
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 38 Part 2 [6A/B] (1999) L626-L628

Electrically induced change in absorption spectra was observed for the first time in the CuAlS2-Al junction with a Schottky type contact at 20K in the wavelength region 600-900nm. The observed change of absorption is considered to be due to the motion of Fermi level by applied voltage across the level formed by some charged state at the metal-semiconductor interface.

KEY WORDS: Keywords: chalcopyrite type semiconductor, CuAlS2, Schottky diode, electrically induced change of absorption, Fermi level motion