Photoluminescence studies of rare earth doped CuAlS2 single crystals

T. Nishi and K. Sato

Proc. Int. Conf. Luminescence, Osaka, Aug. 1999, J. Luminesc. 87-89 (2000) 1105-1107.

The infrared photoluminescence spectra of CuAlS2 doped with Tm or Er ions have been investigated. The PL emission differed strongly depending on preparation conditions. The Tm-doped crystals showed the group of PL lines due to f-f transition of Tm3+ at around 1120 and 1500 nm in Cu-poor crystals. On the other in Er-doped crystal the well-known PL lines of Er3+ at around 1540 nm have been observed at 20 K. In CuAlS2 crystal doped with both Er and a very small amount of Fe, not only the 1540 nm emission but also emissions at around 1210 and 1320 nm were observed. Keyword: RE related emission, erbium, thulium, CuAlS2 ;