Characterization of Mo-doped CuAlS2 Single crystals by PL and ESR

T. Nishi, N. Ishibashi, Y. Katsuamta and K. Sato

Proc. ICTMC12; JJAP 39 Suppl. (2000) to be published


Near-infrared photoluminescence (PL) and electron spin resonance (ESR) spectra were measured at 6 K in single crystals of CuAlS2 doped with Mo. A fine-structure PL emission was observed around 1,600 nm (0.775 eV). The emission was assigned to the ligand-field transition in 4d3-manifold of Mo3+ ions. The ESR spectrum measured in the same crystal as used in the PL experiment showed a triplet structure around g~2, which is characteristic of S=3/2 system. The activation energy of the temperature quenching of the ESR intensity was 4 meV, which is the same as that of the emission, suggesting that the ESR and the PL spectra originate from the same center.
KEY WORDS: molybdenum-doped copper aluminum disulfide, chalcopyrite type crystal, photoluminescence spectrum, electron spin resonance spectrum, ligand-field transition