Near-Infrared Photoluminescence in Mo-Doped Single Crystals of CuAlS2

T. Nishi, N. Ishibashi, Y. Katsuamta and K. Sato

JJAP 38 Part1 [2A] (1999) 683-684

Near-infrared photoluminescence (PL) spectra were measured at 6K in single crystals of CuAlS2 doped with different amounts of Mo. A fine-structure PL emission was observed around 1,600 nm (0.775 eV) in both lightly and heavily doped crystals. The emission was tentatively assigned to the ligand-field transition in 4d3-manifold of Mo3+ ion taking into account the reported PL spectrum in V2+ (4d3)-doped GaAs. On the other hand a broad emission band around 1,500 nm (0.826 eV) was only observed in heavily-doped crystals and was assigned to ligand-field spectrum of Mo2+ substituting Cu site of the compound.