Characterization of interfaces in [Fe(xML)/Au(xML)] superlattice by means of nonlinear magneto-optical effect

A. Kodama, M. Miyamoto, K. Sato, S. Mitani*, K. Takanashi* and H. Fujimori*

JMSJ 24 [4] (2000) to be published

Nonlinear magneto-optical effect, or the magnetic second harmonic generation (MSHG) was measured using Ti-sapphire laser (l=810nm) with suitable combination of filters, polarizer-analyzer and photon-counting apparatus. The polar plot of azimuthal dependence of MSHG intensity from Fe(3.75ML)/Au(3.75ML) superlattice showed a four-fold symmetry pattern. Azimuthal patterns show 45-rotation by reversing the magnetic field. Nonlinear magneto optical Kerr rotation angle of 12.8 was observed in the Fe(1.25ML)/Au(1.25ML). The simulate curve from theorical analysis give the best fit to the experimental point. The magnetic contribution to the azimuthal pattern is explained in term of interference of the surface non-magnetic (electric dipole), the bulk non-magnetic (electric quadrupole) and surface magnetic (electric dipole) term.