Tenth International Automated Negotiating Agents Competition

To be held at IJCAI 2019 in Macao, China, in August 10-16 as part of the IJCAI competition track.

Quick start guide: how to develop an agent for ANAC 2019

  1. Get the latest release of Genius and unzip the contents into a local folder.
  2. Import your local folder as a project in your favorite Java IDE. There are tutorial videos available for Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  3. Make sure the genius .jar file is added to the classpath of your project and that the example .java files are in the src/ folder. (See the appendix of the user guide for more details.)
  4. Run Genius in your IDE (i.e. by running the main Application.java). The example agents (i.e. the .java files included in the .zip package) should now compile.
  5. You can now import the example agents into Genius through the user interface by choosing to “Add a new party”. Point to the .class files (located in the bin/ folder) that have been generated from the example code; i.e.:
    • bilateralexamples/RandomBidderExample
    • bilateralexamples/BoaPartyExample
    • bilateralexamples/CustomUtilitySpacePartyExample
  6. Run a negotiation with the BoaPartyExample to check if everything is working (e.g. run a negotiation session on the party_domain against BoulwareNegotiationParty)
  7. Make some changes to the code of BoaPartyExample (e.g. change its description or the concession parameter e).
  8. Run a negotiation session with the BoaPartyExample again to check if your changes have been reflected.
  9. You are now ready to extend the example code further and start building your agent!