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Ms Thesis titles in F.Y. 2016/平成28年度 修士論文題目

・Estimating seasonal evapotranspiration and factors for the variability using a short-term water budget model
・Distribution of hairy vetch and tufted vetch in riverbed of Kanto area
・Evaluation of characteristics of pesticide distribution in soil, runoff water and Komatsuna ( Brassica rapa var. perviridis ) by using rainfall simulator
・Watershed environmental assessment of impact with drainage management in lowland paddy fields through water and material balance analysis
・Development of control method for aquatic weeds using L-aspartic acid
・Studies on Hot Water Disinfection in rice seeds to spread the usage of this method in Japan and overseas
・Study on measurements of slope stabilities against torrential rainfalls
・Establishing a method for monitoring channel topography by using low-altitude photography and a 3D model software
・Studies on effects of imidacloprid on larvae of dragonfly (Sympetrum frequens) in soil-water interface in paddy field
・Screening of natural bioactive compounds for Rose Black Spot (Diplocarpon rosae) disease control
・Demand and supply balance analysis in irrigation plan towards improvement of water use efficiency - Case study of water balance simulation in Mwea Irrigation Scheme, Kirinyaga County, Kenya –
・Response of six different Nepali tomato cultivars against all 3 races of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp .lycopersici
・Japanese Management System (JMS) - The Institution of “Community” Supplementing for Market Economy in Market Failures in Japan’s Economic Development –
・Screening of Kenyan medicinal plants for allelopathy by sandwich and dishpack methods
・Attractiveness of Wine Tourism and Opportunities for Developing Japan Wine Industry: A Case Study of Shiojiri, Nagano
・Research on evaluation of allelopathic activity of plants on weed control in sorghum production
・Assessing the significance of farmers’ cooperative to grape production and value addition in Tanzania - a case study of Dodoma Region
・人工降雨装置を用いた土壌中、流出水中および小松菜( Brassica rapa var. perviridis)中の農薬分布特性評価
・模擬水田の土壌-水境界面でのアキアカネ(Sympetrum frequens)の幼虫に対するイミダクロプリドの影響に関する研究
・効率的な水配分に向けた灌漑開発計画における水需給バランスの分析 - ケニア国キリニャガ郡ムエア灌漑地区における灌漑シミュレーション –
・ネパールトマト6品種のトマト萎凋病菌(Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici)3レースへの反応


July 29, 2016
・Environmental Problems in Contemporary Vietnam - Taking case of the Industrial sector and the Industrial Parks as the Center –
・A Microscale-Portable Rainfall-Runoff Simulator (M-PRRS) for assessment of Neonicotinoids and Fipronil insecticides transport via surface runoff
・Water balance analysis for evaluation of irrigation management in terraced paddy fields - Case study of Wonogili, Java, Inodonesia –
・Evaluation of allelopathic potentials in medicinal plant species used in Ghana
・Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Food-related Businesses: A Case Study of Brazilian Migrants in Japan
・Application of PCPF-1@SWAT model to simulate fate and transport of three rice herbicides in Sakura river basin
・Isolation and characterization of rhizobial genes involved in the symbiosis with mung bean
・Analysis on the ecophysiological and genetic characteristics for high biomass production and lodging resistance in new bred long-culm rice lines
・Water resource management in Uzbekistan and ways of raising its efficiency with reference to Japan's experience
・Effect of rice husk biochar and organic fertilizer on soil properties and rice productivity in Cambodia
・Japanese Economic System - "Co-operative Activities" of Japanese Management System and "Government" of Japanese Government –
・Study on cyclic deformation properties of an unsaturated silt
・Screening of allelopathic activity of 173 rice core collection by Plant Box Method and evaluation of putative allelochemicals based on Total Activity
・Research on caffeine as a putative allelochemical from Vietnamese tea (Camellia sinensis (L) Kuntze)
・Technical efficiency of using water and soil resources in Samarkand  A case study of Samarkand region, in Uzbekistan
・The release of ¹³⁷Cs from the decomposition of contaminated forest litters and its migration in two soil conditions
・Diversity of Methylobacterium spp. associated with rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Vietnam
・Effect of short-term conservation agriculture on SOC pool, total N, and nutrient availability in lowland rice ecosystem of Cambodia

・棚田水田域における灌漑管理の評価に向けた水収支解析 -インドネシア国ジャワ島オノギリ地区の事例-
・PCPF-1@SWAT を適用した桜川流域での3水稲用除草剤の動態シミュレーション
・水・土壌資源利用の技術的な効率性  ウズベキスタン,サマルカンド地域のケーススタディ
・カンボジアの低地稲作生態系における短期の保全型農業が土壌有機炭素プール、全窒素、 および養分可給度に与える影響


Ms Thesis Titles presented in F.Y. 2015/平成27年度 修論

February 16, 2016
・Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with hairy vetch in Japan
Allelopathic potential of oat, rye, barley and wheat
・The effect of saline soil upon organic acids in root exudation and rice plant
・Characterization of soil organic matter under different forest types in tropical peat swamp forest
・Search for natural compounds and twining-related genes to control climbing weed
・Influence of different açaí habitats on soil fertility in Para,Brazil
・Influence of charcoal amendment on greenhouse gas emissions and study on characteristics of gas diffusion in the paddy soil
・Clarification of the mechanism of an allelopathic phenomenon caused by the flower of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)
・Study of the effect of rice bran on paddy weeds
・Evaluating the effect of glutathione and related amino acids on growth of different plant species
・Pesticide monitoring in aquatic environments using passive sampling technique and influences of pH and humic substance on pesticide adsorption
・Process, Present Situation, Problems in Attraction of FDI in Vietnam
・Technological surveillance on the uneven development of rubber cultivation in Northern Thailand
・A Study on Current Condition and Future Perspective of Natural Rubber Production in the Emerging Plantation Areas of Northern Thailand -A Case Study of Phitsanulok Province-
・Co-operative Activities of Human Beings from the Viewpoints of Evolutional Psychology and Developing Economics
・Psychosocial Impacts of Pet Keeping on School Children in China
・Assessment of Using Hybrid and High Yielding Rice Varieties on Pest Incidence and Farmers' Profits in Myanmar
・Evaluating bedload sediment transport using PIT tag tracers in a headwater channel
・Application of agent based model to resolve competition of water resources between multiple water users groups, Subak, Bali island
・Development of a paddy model in SWAT to improve irrigation and drainage management toward sustainable rice production

July 24, 2015
・RNA-seq analysis of Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS278 to unveil its novel symbiotic process
・Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam through "The National Target Program on New-Style Rural Areas Construction"- Taking the Case of Ha Tinh Province in the Center –
・Administration of edible bird’s nest improve the water contents on the UV-irradiated hairless mice skin
・GIS Analysis of current saline condition and development counter measures regarding irrigation and drainage in Bukhara, Uzbekistan
・Influence of water management practices on paddy rice root exudates and soil phosphorus solubility under two different soil types
・Screening of Natural Bioactive Chemicals for the control of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Lycopersici
・RNA-Seq解析による根粒菌Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS278の新規共生経路の解明


Ms Thesis Titles in F.Y. 2014/平成26年度 修論題目

February 12, 2015
・Influence of different succession stages of agroforestry on carbon cycle in Tome-Acu, Para, Brazil
・Endocrinological analysis in sea turtle species to identify the sex ratio
・Allelopathy of Dokudami
・Influense of soil characteristics on soil radioactive Cs-137 fraction in Fukushima
・Effects of aquatic worms on paddy soil and the growth of rice
・Farmers’ perceptions on soil degradation problems and introduction of biochar amendment as a potential solution: A case study in Southern Shan State of Myanmar
・Analysis of the infection and colonization process of Azospirillum sp. B510 in rice plant
・Allelopathic activity of medicinal plants collected in Japan
・Genetic diversity of rhizobia associated with hairy vetch in Japan
・Study on the Effects of Sugarcane Extract (SCE) Supplementation on Adrenal and Testicular Steroidogenesis in Male Rats
・Molecular genetic analysis of symbiotic bacteria for improving biological nitrogen fixation in soybean production
・Community Development of Buddhist Monks and Contribution to Society in Contemporary Thailand     A case study of Kamphaeng Mani Temple, Phitsanulok Province
・Chinese Immigrants in the Agricultural Development in Brazil--A case study of Chinese Brazilian farming community in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo State-
・Developing methods for identifying frequencies of deep catastrophic landslide based on distribution and occurrence ages of landslide scars
・Water-Energy-Food analaysis for sustainable paddy water management
・土壌劣化に対する農家の理解と解決策としてのバイオ炭の導入: ミャンマー、南シャン州における事例
・植物内生細菌Azospirillum sp. B510のイネ組織定着性の解析
・現代タイにおける仏教僧の地域開発と彼らの社会貢献  ピサヌローク県カンパンマニ寺院の事例調査
・ブラジルの農業発展における中国人移民の貢献ーサンパウロ州モジ・ダス・クルーゼス市 台湾系ブラジル人農業コミュニティーを事例として―

Titles of Master's Thesis (July, 2014), Depaertment of IEAS

Application of modified SWAT model to water resources planning - a case study in Kashima river, Inbanuma Basin
Evaluating runoff and sediment yield from skid trails in a forested headwater catchment
Analysis of Heat Stress Tolerance in the Seeds of Japonica Rice Cultivar under Treatment of Hot Water Disinfection Method
Development, Characteristics and Problems in Japanese Management System
Functional properties and allelopathic activities of yam (Dioscorea spp.) flours produced by different processing techniques
Evaluation of allelopathic activity of 256 Asia Minor Centre plant species (Caucasian plants and Iranian medicinal plants) .
Effect of browning inhibition treatment on total phenolics, anthocyanins, flavonoids and antioxidative activities of Dioscorea alata powder during storage.
Effects of Combined Application of Tropical Plant Materials and Chicken Compost on Crop Growth and Soil Health
Cambial reactivation and xylem differentiation of stems in two conifers urajiromomi (Abies homolepis) and sawara (Chamaecyparis pisifera) trees
Effects of biochars from Chromolaena odorata and rice husk combined with organic and inorganic fertilizers on soil properties and crop biomass

改良型SWATモデルの水資源計画への適用 ー印旛沼流域鹿島川を事例としてー
山地森林流域における搬出路からの水と土砂流出量の評価 温湯消毒における
異なる加工条件で生産されたヤマノイモ類(Dioscorea spp.)粉の機能性と他感作用活性について
ヒマワリヒヨドリ (Chromolaena odorata) およびもみ殻から作成したバイオ炭と有機および化学肥料との組み合わせが土壌特性と作物バイオマスに与える効果


Ms Thesis Titles: F.Y. 2011 to 2013 / 平成23~25年度修論題目

Thesis titles in FY. 2013/平成25年度修論題目

Food web structures and radiocaesium accumulation in stream-riparian ecosystems in Japanese ceder plantation
Feeding-metabolic analysis on seasonal changes of radiocesium concentrations in char (Salvelinus leucomaenis) in headwater streams
Successions of stream macroinvertebrate communities after distrubances by forest harvesting and floods
Deformation properties of an unsaturated soil due to cyclic loading and its modeling
Influence of Primary Agricultural and Technology Education Project for Community Energy Self-sufficiency on Community People's Lives: A case study of Wat Khao Noi Primary School, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand " "
Socio-Economic Relations between Oil-Palm Plantation Company and Local Residents in the Frontiers of Humid Tropics
Comparative Case Study of Karya Baru, West Kalimantan, Indonesia and Tomé-Açu, Pará, Brazil
Impacts of Socio-Economic Development on Traditional Lifestyle in Inner Mongolia  A Case Study of Etuoke Banner
Air Pollution Mitigation in Urban Mongolia: Case study of energy efficient stove dissemination in Ulaanbaatar City
Research on Chinese herbal medicine production status and the economic impact on agriculture: A case study in Lincang County Yunnan province
Study on “IE” system in Japanese Traditional Society in Relation to Japanese Management System
The Shift of Economic Structure in the Process of Industrialization, Modernization and Regional Development in the Northern Vietnam - Evaluation of the development situations of the industrial parks in Bac Ninh and Phu Tho provinces -
Theoretical and Empirical Analysis on Regional Economic Disparities of the Northeastern Region in China - Case study on 3 provinces: Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang -
Screening of allelopathic activity in agroforestry system in Pará state, Brazil and Thua Thien–Hue Province, Vietnam
Bioactive compounds in Apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) and their influence on germination and growth of various plants
The allelopathic research on plant species in Sino-Japanese area Effect of biochar on soybean-rhizobium symbiosis and plant growth on sandy soil

・ 山地渓流におけるイワナの摂食―代謝を通した放射性セシウム濃度の季節的変動 間伐施業や洪水に伴う攪乱後の渓流底生動物群集の遷移
・社会経済開発が内モンゴルの伝統的生活様式に与える影響 オトガ旗の事例研究


Ms Thesis Titles in F.Y. 2012 / 平成24年度 修論

・The effect of long-term composts application on soil aggregates and aggregating agents of Andosols
・Temperature effects of mechanical properties in an unsaturated soil
・Factors to Become a Contract Farm and the Impact to Food Access:The Case Study of Broiler Business in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
・Potentials of Community Supported Agriculture-CSA for Agricultural Development in China -A case study of Beijing Little Donkey Farm
・Development of A Portable Rainfall-Runoff Simulator for Investigating Pollutant Runoff from Upland Condition ・Effects of Ozone and Peroxides on Visible Foliar Injury and Physiological Response of Thai and Japanese Rice Cultivars
・Effect of temperature on the fate of rice herbicides, butachlor and pyrazosulfuron-ethyl, in paddy soil
・Evaluating the effects of forest thinning on suspended sediment sources and transports in headwater catchments

・Introduction and Improvement of Low-input Rice Farming Technology in Central Vietnam
・Influence rice husk charcoal mixing ratio in organic fertilizers on characteristics of organic fertilizer and crop yield
・Sustainablility analysis of grassland fire management methods in Massaca, southern Mozambique
・Roles and prospects of international agricultural NGOs toward to sustainable development
・Evaluation of the "interlinkage deal" between agricultural enterprises and peasants in Mekong delta of Vietnam on the view of western economics
・A study of development monk and nun based on endogenous development theory
・中国における共同体支援型農業による農業開発の可能性 ―北京小毛驢農場の事例研究 ・畑地条件における汚染物質流出研究のための移動式降雨流出装置の開発



Thesis titles in F.Y. 2011/ 平成23年度 修論題目

・The analysis of the relationship between repeated sequences in Brassica mitochondrial genomes and cytoplasmic male-sterility
・Analyses for carotenoid biosynthesis in the mature fruit color varieties induced by interspecific-grafting in pepper
・Current situation of traditional agricultural production in North China plain: A case study in Cangzhou city, Heibei province ・Issues and perspective of cochineal industry in Mexico
・Analysis of sulfate dry deposition on vegetation within a forest at Tamakyuryo ・Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emission during manure composting and storage processes
・Influence of irrigation water salinity and calcium amendments upon methane emission from paddy rice soil
・Study on stability of slopes due to rainfalls
・Study on Underground Water Flow by using Numerical Method - Case of Idini Aquifer in Mauritania –
・Pesticide Fate and Transport Modeling in Paddy Watershed and Its Application for Ecological Risk Assessment -A Case Study for a Tributary Catchment of the Chikugo River Basin-
・Study on Performance of Dry Season Rotational Irrigation for Mae Lao Scheme in Thailand ・Investigation of effects of nursery-box-applied firpionil and imidacloprid on young larvae of Sympetrum frequens using Micro Paddy Lysimeter
・Identifying the sources of fine sediment in headwater catchments using radionuclide tracer ・Characteristics of Forest Road Runoff and Its Contribution of Catchment Rainfall-Runoff in a Mountainous Watershed
・Analyzing structure of channel network and its formative mechanism in a mountainous watershed ・The necessity and effect of government financial supports in developing sustainable agriculture in China
・Traditional agricultural industry's impact on regional development: A case study of tea industry in Fujian province
・A Study of "Communities″in Economic Development
・The Situation, Problems and Prospects on Recycle Activities in Contemporary Japan ・Assessing the Impact of Rural Roads on Farm Household's Savings A Case Study of Eastern Hilly Areas in Nepal

・Evaluating the effects of land-use on soil erosion and nutrient accumulation in the low mountainous area of Northern Vietnam
・An Erosion Protection Method to Irrigation Facilities in Cambodia
・Analysis on water use efficiency in Phetchaburi irrigation system using UIWDC model ・Development of a Simulation Model for Predicting Fate of Nursery-box-applied Pesticide in Paddy Environment
・Development of automatic micro-irrigation control systems based on evaporation pan ・Utilization of DNA markers for selecting amylose content of grain in rice - using the world rice core collection
・Molecular analysis for the associated genes of fragrance in Vietnamese varieties ・Phosphorus Movement In An Oil Palm Plantation On Tropical Peat Soil
・Genetic diversity of rice in Cambodia based on morphology and SSR marker
・Bioethanol Production from the Herbaceous Biomass. Pretreatment effects on saccharification and fermentation of rice straw.
・On The Formation and Development of The Leading Industry and The Need for Reformation of State-Owned Enterprises and The Role of Theirs in Vietnam
・Land Allocation Issues in Forestry in Dak Lak Province, Vietnam – Process, State and Solution –
・Movement of integration of "four factors'' in rice production anf business in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
・Agri-Supply Chain in Tourism Market: A Case Study of Koh Trong Ecotourism Community and Market in Kratie Province, Cambodia

・灌漑水による塩類化およびカルシウム添加が水田土壌からのメタンガス発生へ及ぼす影響 ・降雨に伴う斜面の安全性に関する研究 ・数値解析法を用いた地下水の流動に関する研究 -モーリタニア国イディニ帯水層について-
・水田集水域における農薬動態のモデル化と生態リスク評価への応用: 筑後川支流域を事例として
・草本系バイオマスを原料としたバイオエタノール生産 稲ワラの糖化および発酵に及ぼす前処理の影響
・観光市場における農産物供給プロセス:カンボジア国コートゥロン エコトゥーリズムコミュニティーとクラティエ県市場の事例研究