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Double Degree Program (DDP) since 2017

Eligibility and Requirement for the Candidates who intend to enter to DDP in Oct. 2019

1. Candidates
For DDP, those who already admitted to a foreign graduate school which signed an agreement of DDP with TUAT. Please refer to the webpages which describe the details of the qualification and of the course about DDP.

2. Nationality
Non-Japanese citizen.

3. Age
No restriction.

4. Academic background
1) Applicants who have completed (or expected to complete) 16 years of school education outside Japan.
2) Applicants who have been recognized as having equal academic ability to university graduate level by TUAT in individual entrance qualification screening process. And applicants who have reached (or expected to reach) 22 years of age.
3) Applicants who have completed 15 years of school education outside Japan. And applicants who have been admitted as having superior score in requirement credits by TUAT

5. Health
Applicants should be in good mental and physical health.

6. Language skill
Applicants are required to fulfill at least one among the following English proficiencies.
1) A score of qualification or examination test equal to or more than B2 equivalent of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in English at the enrollment.
2) Applicants who have completed the curriculum that satisfies entrance qualifications for Japanese master's programs in English as the main language.
3) Applicants who are evaluated by TUAT that they have the above 1) English proficiency or higher.

7. Arrival in Japan
Applicants must arrive by the date specified by TUAT.

8. Remarks
1) Admission shall be canceled if a candidate who expected to graduate failed his/her graduation until the end of September 2019.
2) For students regarding III Eligibility and requirement 4 Academic background, in case the candidate has less than 16 years of school education, evaluation is required prior to the admission. Please inform your prospective supervisor at TUAT by February 18, 2019.

Application Procedure

The documents listed below should be submitted to the prospective supervisor during the application period. The application period is July 1 to August 23, 2019. (The application must arrive in the mail by the last day)
All the documents should be submitted by the head of his/her graduate school if the applicant is a graduate school student; by the head of his/her institution or establishment if employed; or by the dean of the university from which he/she graduated if he/she presently has no formal academic affiliation. Personal applications are not accepted. (All the applicants must apply upon the acceptance from prospective supervisor of the Department of International Environmental Agricultural Science after the discussion)

1) Submittal of application
All the documents should be sent by a registered mail to the prospective supervisor.
(The applicant should contact the prospective supervisor and obtain an acceptance from him or her in advance.)

2) Documents to be submitted
(1) 2019 academic year application form (in Word or PDF)
(2) Field of study and study program (research plan) (in Word or PDF)
(3) An Abstract of either Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, or equivalent paper in Japanese or English within 600 words.
(4) Either a graduation certificate or a corresponding certificate issued by the applicant’s school indicating that the applicant will be graduating from undergraduate or master’s program, which applicant lately graduated or is graduating. A transcript of academic record and a degree certificate of undergraduate or master’s programs that is issued by university authorities, which applicant lately graduated or is graduating.
(5) A certification that shows the applicant’s birth, nationality, citizenship, or residence in the applicant’s home country such as a transcription of domiciliary register or a proof of citizenship.
(6) A letter of recommendation, by the dean or higher position head of the applicant’s affiliated institution. This letter is addressed to the President of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Please use the envelope issued by your university and an official seal of your university.
(7) Course taking schedule sheet
(8) English Scoresheet of TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
(9) A Certificate of health (use enclosed form and this certificate should be obtained within the past 6 months before the submission.)
(10) A photocopy of passport (If you have already your passport. The Pages where the name and the photograph can be identified)
(11) Your photograph of passport size (4.5cm by 3.5cm), showing a clear front−faced, up−from−bust, bare−headed picture, taken within 6 months of the application date. Name and nationality should be printed on the back side. Photograph should be attached to the designated place of the application form.

3) Remarks
i) All the documents should be either typewritten in either English or Japanese and printed in A4 size with enclosed form.
ii) The submitted documents will not be returned.
iii) The Application will not be accepted unless all the documents mentioned above are appropriately filled and arrived on or before 23 August, 2019.
iv) The documents and form is possible to change.

4) Screening and Aim of this Special Course
i) The screening will be conducted based on the submitted documents.
ii) The successful applicants are selected on a faculty meeting of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the notification of acceptance will be sent by the supervisor directly by the end of September, 2019.
iii) The classes and instructions are conducted in English mainly and this program offers a Master of Agriculture or a Master of Philosophy within 2 years. The enrollment identification is a full time master course student.

5) Cost of Insurance at the Enrollment
The students have to purchase casualty insurance for educational activities by students.
i) Personal injury insurance which insures them against unforeseen accidents and injuries (but not illnesses) sustained in curricular (in class) activities, at school events, during club activities, or while they are in or on their way to or from a university facility. The expense is JPY 1,750 for 2 years.
ii) Student Liability Insurance Program which will provide compensation in the event that the student injures another person or damages another person’s property during the course of teaching training, care practice, internship, volunteer activities, off-campus research (surveys, tours, training), museum curator training, or extracurricular activities (such as overnight field trips and expeditions). All the enrolling students are required to join the Student Liability Insurance Program in addition to the Students Education and Research Accident Insurance.
The cost of the both insurance is JPY 2,480 for 2 years. Also a member fee for the University Co-op of JPY 5,000, which will be reimbursed at the end of the Master’s program, is required. The costs of the insurance fee and the member fee for the University Co-op are subject to change. .


i) Upon enrollment before arrival in Japan, students are advised to obtain information about climate, customs, manners and other cultural aspects of Japan. It is strongly suggested to learn Japanese language for ease of life in Japan.
ii) Please refer to this IEAS website ( or other books about TUAT.
iii) Use of personal information given on the application will be restricted by obeying the privacy policy of the University.
iv) If you have any inquiry about these application requirements, please contact the address below by documents.
Educational Affairs Section II of Fuchu Student Support Office
Graduate School of Agriculture
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
3-5-8 Saiwai-cho, Fuchu-shi
Tokyo 183-8509, Japan
Fax: +81-42-367-5887