Robotics & Control
Identification of robots dynamics (in collaboration with JRL, Tsukuba, Japan)
The main objective of this research’s project is to develop an affordable mobile platform that is able to follow a patient outside the motion analysis laboratory with the purpose of measuring gait spatiotemporal parameters while providing visual video feedback recorded at a constant distance. The affordable mobile gait analysis platform that is proposed has several goals: - Being autonomous: it has to follow the patient at a constant distance outside the motion analysis laboratory but still within clinical environment. - Provide a visual feedback for clinicians to evaluate and study about the freezing of gait. - Being user friendly: as anticipated users for the mobile platform would be clinicians who are beginner in mechanical or programming field, user friendly is an important aspect which we need pay attention to. Moreover, the main aspect of this project is that it is needed to be an affordable solution. To achieve this point, we will mainly use two low-costs elements: a two wheeled robot called Turtlebot2 and a motion sensor, the Kinect developed by Microsoft.

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