Robotics & Control
Adaptive control for KUKA LWR by identifying an object brought by the robot
Application to a painting task

We aim to develop the controller that properly operate one of the most popular robot KUKA Light Weight Robot(LWR). In our research, LWR carry out a task by learning how to use an object brought by the robot like human. In order to examplify our control law, we have decided to forcus on a painting task with a painting roller. In our method, LWR can carry out a painting task by understanding the feature for mass and length of a roller and controlling the place for painting and pushing force.

***Robot handing
I researched the best method of handing daily necessities robot arm-to-human. We always hand over the things taking into account the shape and nature automatically. For example, we’re always careful the cutting edge, when you pass the scissors. On the other hand, the robot will not be able to determine whether human feels. I used the LEAPmotion is a recognition device of information such as the position and posture of the hand. The robot arm determines from information obtained from LEAPmotion, and the action generate in consideration of the optimum speed and attitude timing.

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