Humation motion analysis
***support suit
A quasi-passive lower limb assistive system has been made for people suffering from lower limb muscles weakness or for rehabilitation purpose. By providing a sufficient partial body weight support, the system facilitate daily legs motion such as standing, sitting or simply walking. As long as the system remains passive, it does not add any unnecessary energy that can bother the user's movement : it does not create the movement but only helps the user to perform it. It should be as transparent as possible. Lighten the system's weight, improving the gait phases detection accuracy and the ergonomy are the keys to accomplish our aims. A prototype has been built and we are now progressing on those steps according to the data collected from simulations, testers and previous studies.

By using MR-fluid and Electromyography (it changes hardness by adding the magnetic field), I try to assist the grip power. The magnetic flux passing fingers decrease exponentially. So if I put the MR-fluidic patch on tip of fingers and add the magnetic field, maximum static friction force increase. There are alomost not preceeding experiments, and it is crossing some field.

***Force plate
Recently, more than one-fourth of the population in Japan are people above 65years old. The rate is increasing each year, which is mainly caused by reduction of the birth-rate. According to the fact, it is significant to develop the medical and care-health field. However, it is still insufficient in both fields. In this research, we aim to create a device, which will be used to analyze the health-state of each person at home individually. Especially, looking at a (floor) reaction force. From the data, we recognize and analyze the motion to check the health-state. The sensor has been offered by the Nagoya university, Arai Laboratory. It can measure the pulse, which is significant when analyzing a human health-state. The goal of this research is to accurately collect a pulse information and motion information to analyze the health-state.

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