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2019-4-7  Public event
X. Indurkhya and E. Coronado are preparing a public event with robots during the Sankou-in flower festival. The event will be in Japanese. From 13:30~ @三光院 小金井市

> 2019-4-22  Guest seminar
R. Mallat from Univ. Paris-Est Creteil will give a seminar about her reserch on "Toward an Affordable Multi-Modal Motion Capture System Framework for Human Kinematics and Kinetics Assessment". details 16:00~17:00 @GVLab

> 2019-5-20~24  Workshop@ICRA 2019
GV is co-organizing with J.-P. Laumond, E. Danblon and C. Pieters a workshop at ICRA 2019 on Rhetoric and Robotics. @Montreal, Canada

recent news

> 2019-4-13 Visiting students
D. Beschi from Strate, France, is visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-3-15 Visiting researcher
R. Mallat from University Paris-Est Creteil is visiting us for 6 months. Welcome!

2019-3-1 New project
The Tateishi fundation is supporting our project on 「非言語コミュニケーションに基づく孤立した高齢者を支援する知能ロボットの開発」with a Type A research grant. 

> 2019-2-19 Visiting students
I. FrizzA and C. Morandi from Pisa University are visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-1-30 Visiting students
Y. Chen and Y. Shi from QMUL・BUPT are visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-1-7 Visiting professor
Prof. W. Suleiman from Sherbrooke University, Canada is visiting us for one month under the GIR program. Welcome!

> 2018-12-27 Visiting researcher
Dr. V. Hernandez from Waterloo University, Canada is visiting us for 2 months. Welcome back!

> 2018-12-1 Visiting researcher and professor
Prof. D. Kulic and Dr. P. Carreno from Waterloo University, Canada is visiting us for 2 months to work on our joint project: "Optimal Control Framework for Expressive Human Movement". Welcome!

> 2018-9-21 Visiting student
E. Ricardo Muten from Bandung Institute of Technology is staying with us for 3 months. Welcome!

newly published

> Int. J. of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research
L. Rincon Ardila, E. Coronado, H. Hendra, J. Phan, Z. Zainalkefli, G. Venture, Adaptive Fuzzy and Predictive Controllers for Expressive Robot Arm Movement during Human and Environment Interaction, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 207-219. pdf

> Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
V. Hernandez, N. Rezoug, P. Gorce, G. Venture, Force Feasible Set prediction with artificial neural network and musculoskeletal model, No. 21, Vol. 14, pp. 740-749, 2018. DOI

> Robotics and Autonomous Systems
T. Katsumata, B. Navarro, V. Bonnet, P. Fraisse, A. Crosnier, G. Venture, Optimal exciting motion for fast robot identification. Application to contact painting tasks with estimated external forces, , No. 113, pp. 149-159, 2019. DOI

> INt. J. of Humanoid Robotics
V. Bonnet, K. Pfieffer, P. Fraisse, A. Crosnier, T. Asfour, G. Venture, Pseudo-online generation of optimal exciting motions for identification of a humanoid robot, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp, 1850024-1-1850024-22, 2018. DOI

> J. of Robotics and Mechatronics
S. Hagane, L. Rincon, T. Katsumata, V. Bonnet, P. Fraisse and G. Venture, Adaptive Generalized Predictive Controller and Cartesian force control for robot arm using dynamics and geometric identification, Vol. 30, No. 6, pp.927-942, 2018.

> Journal of biomechanics
V. Hernandez, N. Rezoug, P. Gorce, G. Venture, Wheelchair propulsion: force orientation prediction with Recurrent Neural Network, No 78, pp. 166-171 doi

> IEEE Trans. on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering
V. Joukov, V. Bonnet, M. Karg, G. Venture, and D. Kulic, Rhythmic Extended Kalman Filter for Gait Rehabilitation Motion Estimation and Segmentation , Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 407-418, 2018. 10.1109/TNSRE.2017.2659730


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