2017-11-10  Outreach event
GV will give a public talk at the Mitaka Network University on "Human motion analysis and robotics: 感情認識とロボット工学の試み" as part of the opennig of the exhibition "Human-robot shaping the future" at Mitaka satelite. @Tokyo, Japan, 三鷹ネットワーク大学企画講座 19:00-20:30 More details to come soon.

> 2017-11-20  Guest seminar
Dr. I. Ocarescu and Dr. I. Cossin from Strate design school, France, will visit us and give a talk on "Design and social robots". 15:0~16:30 9-452 details

> 2017-11-22  Workshop
GV together with I. Ocnarescu from Strate Design organizes workshop at ICSR 2017 on "Modes of Interaction for Social Robots: Postures, Gestures and Micro-interactions (Part I. Small robots)". @Tsukuba, Japan

> 2017-11-2~3  Conference presentation
GV will present our work on "Dance with me! Child-robot interaction in the wild", at the International Conference on Social Robotics. @Tsukuba, Japan

> 2017-11-30~2017-12-1  invited talk
GV will give a talk on "Speaking about robots: my trilingual daily challenge" at the International Workshop Actanthrope. @Toulouse, France

> 2018-1-24  Workshop
GV and D. Lestel are organizing a workshop on "Ecotic: Political, Religious and Ecological Stakes of Autonomous Robotics". @Tokyo, Japan More details


> 2017-11-15  Editage-Edge Travel Grant
GV has been awarded the Editage-Edge travel grant.

> 2017-10-12  Lab new students
Welcome to J. Phan and H. Hendra who join the lab for 3 months under the AIMS program!

> 2017-10-9 Lab visitors
Prof. D. Kulic from Waterloo University, Canada, is visiting us for five weeks under the "Global Innovation Rsearch" program. Welcome back!

> 2017-9-2  Conference papers
Our paper "Dance with me! Child-robot interaction in the wild" has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Social Robotics 2017. Congratulations!

> 2017-9-1  Visiting researcher
A.-K. Boissiere from Ecole Normale Superieure, France is joining the lab for 6 weeks. Welcome!

> 2017-6-14  Visiting student
B. Loreaux from Ecole Normale Superieure, France is joining the lab for 1 month. Welcome!

> 2017-6-8  Visiting student
G. Gourmelen from Montpellier University, France is joining the lab for 2months. Welcome!

> 2017-5-31  Conference papers
T. Izui's paper on Impression’s Predictive Models for Animated Robot has been accepted for publication at the 26th IEEE Int. Symp. on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. Congratulations!

> 2017-5-11  New international project
Our bilateral program DST-JSPS for 2017 and 2018 has been granted. We will work with Prof. Anup Nandy from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India on "Development of a pathological healthcare system for early detection of neurological gait abnormalities"

> 2017-4-1 Lab visitors
Prof. D. Lestel from Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France is visiting us for 10months under the JSPS invitation fellowship for research in Japan on "What does it mean to live with robots?". Welcome!

> 2017-3-24 Lab visitors
Prof. D. Kulic from Waterloo University, Canada, is visiting us for one week under the "Diversity" program. Welcome back!

> 2017-2-20  Lab visitors
Welcome to Y. Yu and L. Coronado from ARIA and EMARO master, Nantes, France and E. Chabert from Montpellier univ.! They'll be staying with us 6 months with a JASSO scholarship.

> 2017-2-1  Lab visitor
Welcome to Dr. V. Hernandez from Toulon Univ., France who is visiting us for 7months.


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