coming soon

> 2019-11-26 Guest Seminar
Prof. D. M. Lofaro from George Mason University, USA will visit us and give a talk on "Robots in the Real-World". @GVLab 15:00~16:30 More details

> 2019-12-18~21 Exhibition & demo @IREX
We will be exhibiting our work with KAwada robotics on human aware collaborative robots at IREX 2019. More details coming soon!

recent news

> 2019-11-6 Interview
GV talks on IROS TV about living with robots.

> 2019-11-1 New students
Y. Jiang from Monash University is joining us for 1.5 month under the GIR program. Welcome!

> 2019-9-26 New students
G. Solak from Queen Mary University London 3months with the JASSO program. Welcome!

> 2019-9-26 New students
S. Capy, PhD student, and R. Benedict and S. Butschle, exchange students are joining the lab for 3 years and 3months. Welcome!

> 2019-8-29 In the news
An interview of GV in newspick: 【解説】人類とロボットをつなぐ「ソフトロボティクス」最前線, read in Japanese

> 2019-7-30 Visiting student
M. Xu and S. Yang from QMUL/BUPT are visiting us for 1 month. Welcome!

> 2019-6-19 Visiting student
P. Zguda from Jagiellonian University, Poland, is visiting us to work on "Child-robot interaction in the wild" with us for 2.5 months. Welcome!

> 2019-5-9 In the news
Our joint research with Prof. A. Nandy at NIT rourkela, India has been featured in the Inidian news in Dainik Jagran (in Hindi) and in India Education Diary (in English)

>2019-5-8 Visiting students
N. Daoud & Z. Schiano from Polytech Clermont Ferrand, France, and C. Saghour & T. Rouzo from Montpellier Univ., France are visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-4-13 Visiting students
D. Beschi from Strate, France, is visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-3-15 Visiting researcher
R. Mallat from University Paris-Est Creteil is visiting us for 6 months. Welcome!2019-3-1 New project
The Tateishi fundation is supporting our project on 「非言語コミュニケーションに基づく孤立した高齢者を支援する知能ロボットの開発」with a Type A research grant. 

> 2019-2-19 Visiting students
I. FrizzA and C. Morandi from Pisa University are visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-1-30 Visiting students
Y. Chen and Y. Shi from QMUL・BUPT are visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

> 2019-1-7 Visiting professor
Prof. W. Suleiman from Sherbrooke University, Canada is visiting us for one month under the GIR program. Welcome!

newly published

> Int. J. Social robotics
T. Izui, G. Venture, Predictive models of robot user's impression: A study on visual medium and mechanical noise. DOI: 10.1007/s12369-019-00601-3

> IEEE Humanoids 2019
P. Carreno, T. Harada, J. Lin, D. Kulic, G. Venture, Analysis of Affective Human Motion: an Inverse Optimal Control Approach, pp. 485-492.

> Hidden Biometrics
F. Rida, L. Rincon, L. E. Coronado, A. Nait Ali, G. Venture, From motion to emotion prediction: a hidden biometrics approach, pp. 185-202, 2019. ISBN 978-981-13-0956-4

> Wording Robotics
G. Venture, D. Lestel, Speaking about robots: languages and characterizations, 2019. ISBN 978-3-030-17974-8

> IEEE ARM 2019
+ S. P. Pattar, E. Coronado, L. Rincon, G. Venture, Intention and Engagement Recognition for Personalized Human-Robot Interaction, an integrated and Deep Learning approach.

+ E. Coronado, X. Indurkhya, G. Venture, Robots Meet Children, Development of Semi-Autonomous Control Systems for Children-Robot Interaction in the Wild.

> IFToMM world congress 2019
L. Rincon, E. Coronado, C. Law, G. Venture, Adaptive cognitive robot using dynamic perception with fast deep-learning and adaptive on-line predictive control, pp. 2429-2438.

> PlosOne
S. Kato, N. Yamanobe, G. Venture, E. Yoshida, G. Ganesh, The where of Handovers by Human: Effect of partner characteristics, distance and visual feedback, 2019. PDF

> Int. J. of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research
L. Rincon Ardila, E. Coronado, H. Hendra, J. Phan, Z. Zainalkefli, G. Venture, Adaptive Fuzzy and Predictive Controllers for Expressive Robot Arm Movement during Human and Environment Interaction, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 207-219. pdf

> Robotics and Autonomous Systems
T. Katsumata, B. Navarro, V. Bonnet, P. Fraisse, A. Crosnier, G. Venture, Optimal exciting motion for fast robot identification. Application to contact painting tasks with estimated external forces, , No. 113, pp. 149-159, 2019. DOI


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