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Analytica chimica acta1947+
Bioelectrochemistry & bioenergetics1974-1999
Biophysical chemistry1973+
Biosensors and bioelectronics1990+
Chemical physics letters1967+
Chemical physics1973+
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems1986+
Coordination chemistry reviews1966+
Electrochimica acta1959+
Inorganica chimica acta1967+
International journal of mass spectrometry and ion processes1983-1998
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis1979+
Journal of chromatography A1958+
Journal of chromatography B : Biomedical sciences and applications1977-2001
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena1972+
Journal of inorganic biochemistry1979+
Journal of molecular liquids1983+
Journal of organometallic chemistry1963+
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis1983+
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology A : Chemistry1987+
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology B : Biology1987+
Sensors and actuators A : Physical1990+
Sensors and actuators B : Chemical1990+
Spectrochimica acta Part A : Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy1995+
Spectrochimica acta Part B : Atomic spectroscopy1967+
Thermochimica acta1970+
TrAC trends in analytical chemistry1981+
Vibrational spectroscopy1990+